Vero Beach Real Estate on the Treasure Coast of Florida 
With pristine Atlantic oceanfront and Indian River Intracoastal waterfront views, and endless opportunities to enjoy luxury living in this lush tropical paradise, Vero Beach homes in the middle of the Treasure Coast have it all. Regularly named in all editions of The Great Towns of America, and lauded by Fortune Magazine, and multiple retirement magazines, Vero Beach offers unique natural beauty, a temperate climate, and affordable to exquisite upscale real estate options for its residents.  
From homes that extend directly to a dock for exciting water sport activities to homes that offer a relaxed, luxurious lifestyle, you’ll find that Vero Beach property offers a taste of tropical living with all the amenities of a vacation getaway. 
Vero Beach homes are available in grand island retreats as well as in deluxe condominiums, offering residents the ability to choose the space they call home in this select area of Florida. Whether you prefer living on the mainland in a gated community or perhaps on 5 or more acres with room for horses, or the excitement of an island retreat, Vero Beach homes for sale are available right now. 
Even if you choose a home on the mainland, Vero Beach welcomes residents and visitors with easy FREE access to the beach and the Intracoastal Waterway.  
Vero Beach Real Estate: History and Culture 
With roots in citrus and aviation, as well as inviting tourism, Vero Beach real estate offers its residents a true taste of the good life. First settled in the mid-1840s, more people began to flock to the area as the railroad improved commerce and transportation by making world renowned Indian River Florida citrus available to a wider range of the country. As business boomed, wetlands were reclaimed in an effort to make Vero Beach real estate available for the growing number of residents who chose to set down their roots in this beautiful community. The reclamation was very successful, providing lush acres for residents to enjoy the climate as well as business opportunities in the area. 
By 1925, Vero Beach property was ready to be incorporated into a city in its own right. It had become well-known not just as a seat of commerce, but as a winter vacation paradise that attracted travelers from around the world. Vero Beach real estate was a hot commodity, but local laws prohibited many of the attractions, such as the movie theatre, from operating in Sundays. These laws, along with other restrictions that hampered tourism, brought matters in Vero Beach real estate to a decision. Vero Beach incorporated, becoming the county seat of the new Indian River County in the process. 
Nature trails, botanical gardens, and the Environmental Learning Center all contribute to the conservation efforts, educating residents and visitors about not just the biodiversity, but about how it must be protected. With dozens of rare or endangered animals living in their natural habitats on the Treasure Coast, Vero Beach knows that protecting these creatures is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. 
While Vero Beach has a rich history and the tourism industry is still thriving, the city itself is remarkably un-crowded and peaceful. The residents of Vero Beach condos and homes for sale have put the beauty, history, and livability of the area first, keeping the spirit of the city alive while maintaining its appeal. Careful zoning laws have guided low-density development in Vero Beach, which helps to maintain the enviable quality of life in this area.   With cultural amenities from art to opera, recreation from surfing competitions to polo matches, and shopping opportunities that far exceed expectations for a small town, Vero Beach welcomes you. 
Vero Beach Property: Choices in Luxury Living 
It’s not so much a question of whether or not to purchase Vero Beach property, but of selecting among so many options. Vero Beach real estate offers spacious island estates, waterfront retreats, as well as homes where you can dock your boat at the edge of your property. Vero Beach property is available with pools, with lush ocean views, and with endless opportunities to enjoy tropical life. Whether you are looking for a Vero Beach condo for retirement or a grand retreat for the entire family to enjoy, Vero Beach properties are available to meet not just your needs, but your dreams. 
No matter which piece of Vero Beach real estate you choose, you’ll have access to some of the finest beaches in the world. As part of Florida’s Treasure Coast, it boasts quality sand and surfing in addition to its amazing natural beauty. The town itself also has bountiful amenities to choose from. With five star restaurants as well as boutique shopping and fabulous spas, you’ll be sure to find the perfect way to enjoy yourself around town. And with live professional theatre, entertainment, and even opera available, you’ll find that Vero Beach is not just a lush paradise, but a cultural hot spot in the area, as well. 
Vero Beach Homes for Sale: The Time Is Now 
There has never been a better time to invest in Vero Beach homes for sale. The economy is on the upswing, but there are still amazing opportunities to invest in your own piece of paradise. From family homes and Vero Beach condos to larger, gracious estates, Vero Beach real estate has everything to offer families, singles, and retirees alike. With a temperate, tropical climate, days of fun in the sun and evenings of relaxation or excitement in town are available all throughout the year. Indeed, the question isn’t what Vero Beach homes for sale can offer you. The question is, what are you waiting for?  
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Jeff and Ginny Mitchell
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